TrueBlue frequent flyer programme revamped

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on November 18, 2009

JetBlue Airways has relaunched its TrueBlue frequent flyer programme, aiming to provide a richer, more rewarding, and more flexible experience for its loyal passengers.

Members of TrueBlue now benefit from a complete absence of blackout dates, with every seat on every JetBlue flight now being available for award travel redemption. According to Dave Canty, JetBlue's director of loyalty marketing. "We're happy to roll out a revamped loyalty programme that provides them even more value and more flexibility."

All of JetBlue's nearly 8 million existing TrueBlue members have already been migrated to the relaunched programme. Membership account numbers remain unchanged, and previously issued TrueBlue points and Awards remain intact and vailable for redemption based on the terms under which they were originally issued.

TrueBlue Points are earned based on the amount spent with JetBlue (or the amount charged to a member's JetBlue Card from American Express). For every eligible US$1 spent with JetBlue, members earn 3 TrueBlue points, while double points (6 points per US$1) are awarded for purchases made through JetBlue's own web site.

Members who use the JetBlue Card from American Express earn 1 TrueBlue point for every US$1 of eligible spending, with double points being awarded for purchases through JetBlue's web site.

Members can also earn additional points with two bonus offers. The "Go Long Bonus" offers customers who take ten one-way, long-haul flights (i.e. 2,000 miles or longer) within a year a 10,000 point bonus.

The second offer, "Go Big", offers customers more points the more they fly. Upon reaching 3,000 points, they are awarded another 500 bonus points. At 6,000 points they earn an extra 1,000 points. At 9,000 points the bonus is 2,000 points, and at 12,000 points the bonus is 4,000 points. These bonuses are, however, restricted to points earned solely from purchasing air travel through JetBlue's web site, within a twelve month period. The bonus points do not count toward the member's next bonus points threshold.

Apart from making every seat on every flight eligible for TrueBlue redemption, the number of points required for an award flight will fluctuate according to the specific flight chosen and other factors including the destination, day of the week, season, and advance booking window. One-way award flights start at 5,000 points, increasing in increments of 100 points based on the various factors involved.

TrueBlue points will not expire as long as the member travels on at least one paid JetBlue flight or makes a qualifying purchase with a JetBlue Card from American Express within 12 months of their latest TrueBlue transaction (i.e. either a qualifying flight or a JetBlue Card transaction).

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