Two airlines widen FFP mobile marketing plans

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on April 18, 2006

Members of the frequent flyer programme of SN Brussels have been able to receive offers and updates from the programme via their mobile phone (by SMS) for the past month, and the keen consumer response has encouraged TAP Portugal to roll out the system for its own frequent flyer programme members, according to the system's developer, ICLP.

According to ICLP, airlines are seeking diversity and new ways to communicate with their loyal customers, while adding both benefits and convenience.

Member benefits
The SMS Subscription Services system, developed for both SN Brussels and TAP Portugal, allows members who subscribe to the service to get automated and personalised communications and offers from their airlines' frequent flyer programme.

To register to receive information by SMS, loyalty programme members simply send in an SMS message containing their programme membership number and PIN code.

Preferred channels
According to Eric Platteau of SN Brussels Airlines, "Everyone has a preferred method of communication, whether e-mail, mail or telephone. Choice is what people want, and we have increased that choice by introducing SMS Subscription Services. The mobile phone is probably the quickest and most direct route to customers, as they nearly always have it with them."

Information that will be made available through the system will include: account balances (including expiry status of Miles), programme news (e.g. point earning and redemption promotions), and partner news (i.e. the latest offers from programme marketing partners). Luis Monteiro of TAP Portugal added: "We believe that there will be a very significant uptake of members opting in to this type of communication."

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