Two new reward cards for US Mercedes drivers

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on May 10, 2005

Two new reward cards for US Mercedes drivers

Mercedes-Benz Credit has partnered with Bank of America to offer two new rewards-based credit cards exclusively to Mercedes-Benz drivers, starting this month.

The two companies conducted extensive research last year to find out exactly what Mercedes-Benz drivers were looking for in a credit card. According to Kathryn Blake, director of credit card services for Mercedes-Benz Credit, "We held several Mercedes-Benz driver brainstorming sessions and came away with hundreds of ideas Mercedes-Benz drivers would want in a credit card. We distilled the information into six concepts and presented them to our focus groups. We wanted to find out why people pull certain credit cards out of their wallets and use them."

Then, using the information suggested by the respondents, the companies designed two rewards-based credit cards that provide Mercedes-Benz drivers with extra travel, lifestyle and retail rewards which were lacking in the original affinity card programme.

New card The Mercedes-Benz Visa Signature Card offers a rewards programme that allows cardholders to earn one and a half reward points for every dollar spent on net monthly purchases, with up to ten reward points on Mercedes-Benz dealership transactions. Cardholders can redeem their points for a variety of rewards, including airline travel, vacation packages, merchandise, gift certificates, Mercedes-Benz Credit monthly payments, Mercedes-Benz parts and service or charitable donations. Cardholders can also create their own rewards including hosting a wine tasting, or taking the family on a custom-designed vacation.Existing card enhanced The existing Mercedes-Benz Visa Platinum Card is now known as the Mercedes-Benz Visa Card. Cardholders can earn Reward Points on purchases, as well as enjoy benefits without having to pay an annual fee. The Reward component allows cardholders to use their Reward Points toward their choice of Mercedes-Benz Parts and Service at authorized dealerships, Mercedes-Benz Credit monthly payments and Mercedes-Benz Collection and Mercedes-Benz Classic merchandise. They can also take advantage of Visa benefits such as Concierge Service, Auto Rental Insurance and Emergency Cash Service.

Both cards can be used without any cap on rewards points and as few as 1,000 points can be applied toward a reward.

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