UK: Expedia launches Expedia+ loyalty program

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By: RickFerguson |

Posted on January 16, 2017

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Newswire Published: Jan 16, 2017

The battle for loyalty between online travel agencies (OTAs) and hotel brands continues apace, with Expedia UK launching its Expedia+ loyalty... [ read more ]

Insight: will blockchain transform the travel industry?

Published: Jan 13, 2017

Over at PayBefore.com, commentator Kristian Gjerding argues that properly-applied blockchain technology could result in a revolution in the... [ read more ]

CardLinx, Microsoft announce open-source software

Published: Jan 12, 2017

Score one for the open-source future: The CardLinx Association (“CardLinx”) today announced the availability of a new open source... [ read more ]

Loyalty in the Frictionless Future: Part II

Published: Jan 11, 2017

The 2nd annual Loyalty Academy Conference will take place on March 2, 2016 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The theme of this year's conference is... [ read more ]

Insight: How data siloes hinder customer loyalty

Published: Jan 9, 2017

Historically, transactional data was always considered the ceiling of your data-centric marketing strategy: If you knew what, when, and how much... [ read more ]

CES: Samsung Rewards doubles Samsung Pay use

Published: Jan 6, 2017

A news flash from this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada: loyalty programs work in m-commerce. Case in point: Samsung... [ read more ]

Apple Pay to enable loyalty for 300,000 US vending machines

Published: J
an 5, 2017

That Snickers bar you always get at the highway rest stop is about to get more rewarding: At this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES), USA... [ read more ]

Loyalty in the Frictionless Future: Part I

Published: Jan 3, 2017

The 2nd annual Loyalty Academy Conference will take place on March 2, 2016 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The theme of this year's conference is... [ read more ]

Is Airbnb drinking hotel brands' milkshake?

Published: Jan 2, 2017

New research from Morgan Stanley reveals that members of hotel loyalty programs are more likely than non-members to have booked stays at Airbnb.... [ read more ]

UK: Loyalty programs suffer generational divide

Published: Dec 21, 2016

A new report from point-of-sale specialists Ecrebo reveals that loyalty programs are still wildly popular in the United Kingdom - but that legacy... [ read more ]

Happy holidays from the Wise Marketer

Published: Dec 21, 2016

The Wise Marketer will be on holiday break from Thursday, December 22 until Monday, January 2. There will be no Wise Marketer newsletter mailed the week... [ read more ]

UK: KFC loyalty program hacked

Published: Dec 20, 2016

Whether its the Democratic National Committee in the United States or a fast food chain in the United Kingdom, organizations and businesses around... [ read more ]

US: La Quinta relaunches loyalty program

Published: Dec 19, 2016

Hotel loyalty programs have long followed a familiar playbook: points earned toward free hotel stays accompanied by tiered soft benefits, which... [ read more ]

US: Neiman Marcus suffers from declining loyalty

Published: Dec 15, 2016

Loyalty Marketers have long held Neiman Marcus's long-running InCircle program as the gold standard of retail loyalty programs. The program,... [ read more ]

Insight: Are cash rewards king?

Published: Dec 9, 2016

New reports on the appeal of cash-back rewards from the Wall Street Journal and Nielsen lead us to ask the question: Are points and miles... [ read more ]

Survey: Digital and social spend may be overrated

Published: Dec 8, 2016

Brands have spent countless millions of dollars on digital, mobile, and social websites, apps, and advertising in order to attract the loyalty of... [ read more ]

Canada: Points expiry ban passes in Ontario

Published: Dec 7, 2016

The global loyalty industry suffered a seismic jolt this week as the Ontario legislature in Canada unanimously passed an ammendment to the... [ read more ]

Insight: How to avoid the mirage of data

Published: Dec 6, 2016

In an article published on LinkedIn, airline consultant David Feldman uses several case studies to outline the ways in which "big data"... [ read more ]

Maritz Motivation Solutions Announces Partnership with Wise Marketer

Published: Dec 6, 2016

Maritz Motivation Solutions , a leader in consumer loyalty programs for major brands, announced that it has partnered with The Wise Marketer... [ readmore ]

Asia: Hotel chains launch loyalty program partnership

Published: Dec 5, 2016

Loyalty partnerships are common across industries, particularly in complementary sectors - airlines partnering with hotels or car rental companies,... [ read more ]

Canada: Air Miles reverses expiry decision

Published: Dec 2, 2016

Bowing to public pressure, coalition loyalty program Air Miles yesterday announced an immediate cancellation of its expiry policy that would have seen... [ read more ]

US: Plenti coalition claims solid growth

Published: Dec 1, 2016

When American Express launched the Plenti coalition loyalty program in the United States 18 months ago, the biggest question for industry observers... [ read more ]

Australia: Have Woolworths' troubles damaged customer loyalty?

Published: Nov 29, 2016

Australia's Mumbrella speculates that the recent troubles of retailer Woolworths - launching and then relaunching their loyalty program after... [ read more ]

UK: The Sun tests reward program

Published: Nov 25, 2016

With the world's biggest and most respected news publications continuing to hemorrhage advertising dollars, how can publications successfully... [ read more ]

Survey: What's your data worth?

Published: Nov 24, 2016

Consumers know that their personal information is of financial value to marketers, but they're also concerned about transparency and knowing... [ read more ]

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