UK football fans to show loyalty with TeamCards

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Posted on April 15, 2008

UK football fans to show loyalty with TeamCards

Celtic Football Club has become the first in Scotland to introduce the 'TeamCard' loyalty programme and key fobs to its fans, by releasing key fob sets to fans as a retail item via the club's shops.

The low-cost key fob sets are to be packaged and sold at till points, and registration software will allow key fobs to be linked to existing TeamCard member accounts (or, where supporters are non-card holders, a new account can be set up for them).

Streamlined sign-up The sign-up and registration process can be done by till operatives or, on busy matchdays, the fan can simply fill in and leave a registration card (which is provided with the key fob set) with Celtic store staff. Fans can also log on to the TeamCard website and register their key fobs directly online.

As an initial promotional offer, Celtic FC aims to provide its fans with an added incentive to purchase and register the key fobs by crediting their full cost back to each member's account in the form of TeamCard points.

The loyalty platform TeamCard is a loyalty programme that links retail partners with football clubs and their loyal supporters, and offers a membership solution for over 400-thousand cardholders through some of the country's biggest sporting organisations.

TeamCard holders collect points from participating retailers, and those points can later be redeemed toward various purchases at their home football club's stores.

Partner benefits Retail partners benefit from becoming part of a nationwide loyalty programme and having additional exposure to an extensive and highly dedicated fan-base. TeamCard marketing efforts, which are backed up by club branding as well as club promotions, aim to entice cardholders to shop with participating retailers in order to earn points. Since its introduction in 2001, participating TeamCard partners have awarded more than 5.5 million points.

Partners set their own loyalty points award rates, and have the opportunity to promote the scheme internally as well as through TeamCard's own marketing campaigns. Partners pay only for the points they allocate, which means that costs are proportional to sales, and at a rate defined by each partner. Partners also have access to programme performance data to help identify the most successful campaign strategies.

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