UK hotel customer service down after September 11

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on January 28, 2002

UK hotel customer service down after September 11

Five key customer service measures showed noticeable declines after September 11th.  Managers need to retain a happy, well-trained workforce.

There has been a significant drop in the level of customer service provided by London and other UK hotels since September 11th. The latest figures from Taylor Nelson Sofres Hospitality & Leisure (TNS H&L) show a general decline across the 71 customer service delivery standards tracked each month. The five key service delivery measures showed noticeable declines. Some 650 "mystery guest" inspections were carried out in the three months before and three months after September 11th. Since September 11th, mystery guests noted lethargic and depressed staff who seemed unhappy in their jobs and were unfriendly.

Cut-backs Why has this happened? According to Stuart Scher, TNS H&L's chairman,  "It is interesting to see such a dramatic drop in service performance. One possible explanation may be that hotels have shed many staff in the post-September 11th period and as a result customer service has suffered.  The results would suggest that hotel managers need to ensure that they retain a well-trained and happy workforce in order to achieve good customer service levels.  Clearly maintaining the right staffing levels is a key part of ensuring guest satisfaction."

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