Ukrop's makes charity rewards last all year

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on October 7, 2005

Ukrop's makes charity rewards last all year

Virginia, USA-based supermarket chain Ukrop's has partnered with loyalty marketing firm Benevolink to automate its charitable 'Golden Gift' community giving programme, turning it into an all-year-round initiative, instead of being seasonal as it was for the past eighteen years.

Ukrop's previous Golden Gift scheme allowed the supermarket's customers to donate based on their total purchases made between January 31st and March 26th. But this year, Golden Gift allows shoppers who purchase products within Ukrop's family of brands to earn funds throughout the year, and then direct them to participating charities and non-profit organisations once each quarter.

Loyalty tie-up Ukrop's says it will donate up to US$400,000 each year, to be shared among participating non-profit organisations. Customers can choose to make donations to individual organisations. Purchases that earn money for charities include Ukrop's entire family of brands (Full Circle, World Classics, Food Club, Top Crest, Top Care, Paws, Ukrop's-branded packaged goods, as well as selected items from its Bakery, Kitchen, Deli, Meat & Seafood and Produce departments).

Ukrop's tracks customers' purchases for these products through its Ukrop's Valued Customer loyalty card, or through the First Market Bank Market Share Card. Customers must also register themselves for the programme before Golden Gift rewards are earned on their behalf.

Going online Registrations are handled through either the Ukrop's or Benevolink web sites. Customers can also go online to track their charitable earnings and direct the funds to the participating organisations of their choice. Approximately 2,000 non-profit organisations in Central Virginia participated in Golden Gift in the past, and that number is expected to grow following the programme's year-round expansion.

"Giving back to our communities is part of our history in Virginia," said Bobby Ukrop, president and CEO for Ukrop's. "Over the past 18 years, our customers have made Golden Gift a tremendous success by directing their funds to benefit thousands of community organisations."

Background Since 1987, Ukrop's has distributed some US$11.1 million to charitable and non-profit organisations based on its customers' selections. In August 2005, Ukrop's distributed US$400,000 to more than 2,450 organisations. Each year, Ukrop's gives a minimum of 10% of its pre-tax profits back to the community.

As a loyalty marketing firm, Benevolink's aim is to bring together consumers, retailers and non-profit organisations to enable consumers to direct their giving to causes they deem worthy. With more than 200 online retailers already on board, the partnership with Ukrop's marks the company's first expansion into the bricks-and-mortar market.

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