UK's Sky to launch TV-interactive loyalty credit card

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on March 4, 2005

UK's Sky to launch TV-interactive loyalty credit card

In the UK, Sky satellite television subscribers who use the forthcoming BSkyB Barclaycard credit card will be able to earn rewards while they shop interactively, by simply inserting the smart credit card into the 'Interactive Card Slot' in their set-top box.

BSkyB and Barclaycard have signed an agreement which will see them launch a Sky-branded credit card later this year. While it will function like other credit cards in shops and at cash machines worldwide, the SkyCard will be fully integrated with interactive television.

Customers will insert the SkyCard into their Sky set-top box to manage their account securely and, soon after launch, to make purchases through the television using their remote control. BSkyB will market the loyalty and interactive features of the SkyCard to its growing base of more than seven million direct-to-home customers across the UK.

For every eligible purchase made with the SkyCard, cardholders will earn SkyPoints that offer savings on Sky entertainment including, for example, the cost of a monthly Sky digital subscription.

Compatible slot In November 2004, Sky notified broadcasters on the digital satellite platform that it planned to implement new functionality within Sky boxes to enable the use of the Interactive Card Slot. From April 2005, broadcasters (including Sky) will be able to make use of the slot in conjunction with their interactive TV applications. The Interactive Card Slot in all Sky set-top boxes is compatible with industry standards for smart cards (ISO 7816).

This allows a broad range of smart cards or 'chip' cards to be used in conjunction with broadcasters' interactive applications. The compliance of the Interactive Card Slot to industry standards allows broadcasters to develop schemes providing a broad range of services from loyalty and payment to personalisation and identification functions.

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