Understanding loyalty and churn in telecoms

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on May 5, 2003

Understanding loyalty and churn in telecoms

As customer acquisition in the over-competitive telecoms market reaches saturation point, building customer loyalty and minimising churn among existing customers is critical to the success of telecoms operators today, according IIR Telecoms, the organiser of the 'Building Loyalty and Minimising Churn for Telecoms Operators' conference in July.

To address the growing need for increased customer loyalty and minimised churn, every telecoms operator has to start from the basics of loyalty by looking at ways of increasing customer satisfaction and lifetime value while simultaneously improving their return on investment (ROI).

IIR's conference - to be held at the Holiday Inn Bloomsbury, London (UK) from 7th to 10th July 2003 - provides many of the answers to how customer loyalty can be radically improved based on the first-hand experiences of industry experts. For example, T-Mobile will be explaining how they stimulated customer loyalty through effective customer life-cycle management, while Sunrise mobile will show how their new audio messaging service has had a marked effect on customer loyalty.

Also highlighted during the event will be the results of recent campaigns implemented by Connect Austria, Comstar Telecommunications and Sabafon GSM (Yemen) to increase customer loyalty through retention strategies, loyalty programmes and value-added services (VAS).

The key topics to be discussed are the real issues that operators face today, including:

  • Making sure that loyalty programmes actually work
  • Finding the perfect retention strategy
  • Establishing which value-added services really do reduce churn
  • Using quality of service (QoS) as a differentiator to build customer loyalty
  • Developing effective customer segmentation that really does reduce churn
  • Creating a consistent customer experience to promote loyalty
  • Promoting the customer-centricity of your organisation in a cost-cutting environment

Based on previous years' attendance, delegates can expect to meet leading professionals from mobile and fixed operators, technical systems suppliers, and consultants within the loyalty and churn arena.

Confirmed speakers include: The head of CRM for T-Mobile; Head of marketing intelligence for Sunrise; the data management director for Cable & Wireless; director of business operations for Bell World; head of CRM & customer service for Connect Austria; deputy director of customer operations for Comstar; head of strategic CRM for Swisscom Fixnet; VAS manager for SabaFon GSM (Yemen); head of customer services at CYTA; the retention & CRM manager for Tele2 Norway; customer relationship manager for UMC; the business intelligence manager for Freeserve; the marketing director for AAPT.

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