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Updated Information from the Mando-Connect and YouGov Research Project “What the Brits Want from Loyalty Programmes”

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on August 29, 2023

Exclusive from The Wise Marketer in advance of the CLMP™ workshop in the UK.

Updated information from the Mando-Connect and YouGov research project What the Brits Want from Loyalty Programmes” is being made available exclusively to The Wise Marketer in advance of the CLMP™ workshop in the UK.

Data indicates that 74% of Brits think loyalty programmes are a great way for brands to reward their customers, up 4% from the 2022 report.  Additionally, 53% think all brands should offer loyalty programmes, also up 4% from 2022.  Upwards data trends appear to align with the inflationary environment and often challenging economic conditions prevalent in the UK in 2023.

Program membership is on the rise. 90% of Brits claim they belong to at least one program; up a staggering 20% since 2022. The average number of programs an individual belongs to now stands at 6 vs. only 4 a year ago.  While value-seeking behaviors are most likely influencing the 2023 results, the ability of each programme to stand out and deliver true value becomes increasingly critical in a crowded environment.

How will you react? Does your team have the foundation and skill set to apply best practices and proven loyalty principles to achieve differentiation and greater impact?

The Loyalty Academy’s 2023 Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional™ workshop will be held in the UK for the first time in London 19-21 September.  Use this interactive workshop to re-evaluate what you are doing to enhance programme performance against the changing backdrop of consumer behaviors. A summary of the updated 2023 data will be shared with the attendees!

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Editor’s Note: Special thanks to Charlie Hills, MD at Mando-Connect – a CLMP™ herself and member of the Loyalty Academy faculty – for allowing access to the 2023 updates.  We also extend our gratitude to the fabulous research team at YouGov for their data-driven support of the loyalty industry.

See you in London!

Mike Capizzi, CLMP, Dean of the Loyalty Academy