Updated SCTN system launches along with new CEO

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on December 22, 2004

Updated SCTN system launches along with new CEO

Smart Chip Technologies (SCTN) has launched its Loyalty Central Version 7.0.5 loyalty and gift card system. It is live and running at Nishe Media, with the first production pilot generating recurring revenues, and a number of new pilot implementations are expected in the coming months.

The system enables banks and retailers to benefit from clicks-and-mortar real-time programmes running on existing cards and point-of-sale systems, including bar code, magnetic stripe, RFID, or smart cards, laptops, PDAs (such as Palm or Windows CE devices), television set top boxes (IDTV), and mobile phones.

Now that the new version of SCTN's back-end hosting and clearing operation, and its e-llegiance-powered loyalty, stored value and gift card solution is now running live in the marketplace, and now that the company has begun to earn the first recurring processing revenues from it, SCTN has decided to focus on strategic company and product growth, and turn over day-to-day responsibilities to its new CEO, Joe Diamond.

According to SCTN, this latest end-to-end solution provides a seamless migration path from current customer identification and payment devices to future technology platforms, helping to establishing continuity across physical, mobile, and virtual streams of commerce.

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