Upromise adds a partner and launches a toolbar

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on January 17, 2006

Upromise adds a partner and launches a toolbar

The US-based college savings reward programme Upromise has expanded its offering this week, having launched its own web browser toolbar software to provide members with access to online offers, and also having signed up Elmer's Products Inc. as a 3% rebate reward partner in the programme.

Starting this month, Upromise members can save 3% toward college funds when buying Elmer's and Krazy Glue branded products. As a Upromise partner, Elmer's will also be helping to educate its customers and employees about the importance of saving for college.

Toolbar Following the recent craze for computer desktop applications and web browser toolbars, Upromise has launched its own Upromise toolbar that helps members save money for college while they shop online. The browser-based toolbar allows for easy navigation to Upromise's 350+ online retail partners, as well as easy access to information about college investment savings plans. The toolbar also provides the user with a constant reminder of their Upromise account balance.

Not only can members use the toolbar to search Upromise's site for merchants and products, but it also allows them to search the internet (through Google) for the millions of items sold by Upromise partners. It also provides one-click access to special offers and discounts offered by Upromise retailers, often offered exclusively to Upromise members.

Exclusive deals Toolbar users are able to access the best deals offered on all Upromise partner products, which are made available through the Upromise web site and toolbar. Users can also read reviews about products they are thinking about purchasing (through reviews offered through Epinions.com).

The Upromise toolbar is complemented by Voicebox from Compete Inc. - a permission-based behavioural marketing platform. According to Don McLagan, CEO for Compete Inc., "The Upromise toolbar draws consumers and marketers together on the desktop for the benefit of each other."

For additional information: ·  Visit Upromise at http://www.upromise.com ·  Visit Elmer's at http://www.elmers.com ·  Visit Compete at http://www.compete.com