Upromise offers loyalty card-linked eCoupons

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on September 16, 2008

Upromise's new eCoupons aim to make finding and redeeming grocery savings easier for consumers through a nationwide paperless coupon programme, including consumer brands such as Aquafina FlavorSplash, Charmin, Huggies and Spray 'n Wash, through some 21,000 grocery and drug retailers across the US.

The programme was created to give consumers a way to set aside savings for their children's college funds. Up to US$25 a month worth of college savings offers and eCoupons can be used for a range of products from household essentials through to baby food and dairy products.

Linked to grocery cards
Each month, new eCoupons will be made available and can be used by clicking on participating products on the Upromise eCoupons web site. Each eCoupon is then automatically linked to the member's registered grocery or drug store cards and can be redeemed for college savings in their Upromise account when they buy any of those products in-store.

The coupons are fully electronic, meaning there's nothing to cut out, print, file, or carry to the store, and consumers can choose to e-mail or print out a list of their eCoupons as a reminder for when they're shopping. Because the selected coupons are linked to the member's grocery or drug store cards, the check-out process is also easy and there are no extra steps involved for either the consumer or the cashier.

Good timing
Coupon use is currently on the increased, according to a recent ICOM Information & Communications survey which found that 67% of consumers are much more likely to use coupons during a recession and that 58% of consumers are willing to download coupons from the internet if it is automatically linked to a frequent shopper card. According to David Rochon, president for Upromise, "For manufacturers, eCoupons represent a national electronic platform to help drive customer usage and foster brand loyalty in a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly way."

Launched in April 2001, Upromise now claims more than 9 million members and some US$450 million in member rewards to-date. Membership is free, and savings can be earned at more than 21,000 grocery and drug stores, 14,000 fuel retailers, 8,000 restaurants, and thousands of other retail outlets, as well as over 600 online shopping sites. Upromise partners of note include Citi, ExxonMobil Corporation, Bed Bath & Beyond, McDonald's, JCPenney.com, LandsEnd.com, and Sears.com among others.

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