US Bankcard unveils new loyalty gift cards

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on April 3, 2014

US Bankcard unveils new loyalty gift cards

US Bankcard Services has announced the introduction to its valued merchants of a wide range of electronic gift card and loyalty card programmes and services, including both off-the-shelf and customised packages that cover card design, printing and processing to suit merchants' wants and needs.

Gift card programmes help merchants build brand recognition and customer loyalty, attract new customers, keep money within the business, and increase repeat business. Electronic gift cards have all but replaced paper certificates in the recent decade.

As a result, consumers expect most businesses to offer some kind of gift or value-based card as a standard product or reward. In order to capitalise on this growing expectation, US Bankcard created its new range of gift card and loyalty card programmes which can be tailored to suit merchants of all sizes.

Loyalty cards can enable merchants to identify loyal customers and reward their support. They provide a competitive edge in marketing campaigns against competitors, allow merchants to track customer activity, and expand a merchant's customer base.

Loyalty cards are also convenient for customers because they eliminate the hassle of remembering to bring stamp cards or coupons when they go shopping, and they tend to promote more frequent purchases by rewarding the most loyal (and profitable) customers based on their spending patterns.

Recent studies have shown that 58% of consumers will spend an average of 33% more than a gift card's initial value while, on average, 15% of a gift card's value never gets redeemed.

For merchants, a gift card-based rewards programme can represent a double-win because the money actually stays within their own business. According to US Bankcard, because it also keeps track of the merchants' customer's gift and loyalty card balances for them, it is also easier for merchants to keep accurate records and to prove their programme's ROI (return on investment).

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