US Bank's loyalty scheme to give to charities too

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on July 19, 2005

US Bank's loyalty scheme to give to charities too

US Bank has enhanced its reward programme; customers can either donate their reward points to a nominated non-profit organisation or can redeem their points as cash on demand.

US Bank has been rewarding customers for non-PIN purchases made with their US Bank Visa Check Cards for several years. The programme was improved in 2002 and transformed into what customers know today as US Bank Checking That Pays, in which they can choose a reward of either cash, travel, merchandise or contributions to a non-profit organisation. The bank's new Affiliation Visa Check Card allows customers to donate their rewards to non-profit organisations including college alumni associations or hobby and special interest groups that are affiliated with the bank. Current options include Moose, Yellowstone Park Foundation, Pheasants Forever and the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Alumni Association. An initial contribution of US$10 will be given to the organisation when the card is first used for a non-PIN purchase. More organisations will be added to the programme in coming months.

Cash redemptions In addition, customers who choose the Cash Bonus Visa Check Card can redeem their cash whenever they choose. The reward is available after a minimum of US$5 has been earned and may be redeemed in US$5 increments through the bank's internet banking service or by calling the bank.

Other cheque cards that continue to reward Checking That Pays customers include: WorldPerks Visa Check Card, WorldPerks Visa Gold Check Card, US Bank Check Card with Visa Extras and the Harley-Davidson Visa Check Card. More than 2.5 million customers earn rewards through the programme.

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