US Bank's new Visa card to help Latina scholars

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on September 13, 2005

US Bank's new Visa card to help Latina scholars

U.S. Bank has partnered with magazine publisher LATINA Style to launch a 'LATINA Style Visa Platinum' card that generates money for Latina scholarships each time a new card is activated, and every time the card is used.

According to Robert Bard, president and CEO for LATINA Style Magazine, the scholarships are intended to help Latinas gain new opportunities and advance their careers. There are some 7 million Latina women in the USA's workforce, and that number is continually increasing.

Latina-owned businesses number nearly 600,000, employing more than 350,000 people, and representing a total of US$50 billion in revenue each year. According to Bard, the Latina business sector is currently growing at three times the national rate.

Pick a reward The card, which depicts a smiling Latina in the midst of her working day, offers cardholders no annual fee, and a low introductory interest rate on purchases and balance transfers for six months (except for cash advances).

Other than providing funds toward Latina scholarships, cardholders can instead choose the type of reward they want to earn from the card through the Name Your Own Reward programme. For example, students may decide to redeem their points for CDs, MP3 players, movie tickets, meals and calling cards.

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