US consumers say they like card-linked marketing

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on May 20, 2015

The majority of Americans are embracing card-linked marketing - the practice of using purchase data to deliver relevant ads to consumers through their mobile and online banking applications - according to a study by data and advertising company Cardlytics.

The '2015 Card-Linked Marketing Consumer Sentiment Study' - an independent, third-party study of over 2,000 Americans - found that almost two thirds (64%) of Americans believe Card-Linked Marketing would be helpful to them, with more than half believing it would help them stretch their money a bit further (51%).

Three in ten say it would give them new choices on where to shop (32%), would let them shop their favorite brands/retailers even more (31%) and give them the opportunity to make purchases they've been saving for.

Help with Special Occasions
When it comes to whether or not Americans would use Card-Linked Marketing during holidays or special events, 83% of Americans who use online or mobile baking reveal that they would be likely to use it, with more than half saying it would be most helpful during Christmas/Hanukkah or birthdays (55%). Other top choices include:

  1. Vacation - 49%
  2. Mother's Day - 33%
  3. Anniversaries - 30%
  4. Family Outing or Valentine's Day - 27% each
  5. Date Night - 25%

Among those who use Card-Linked Marketing to help with a holiday or special occasion, women admitted to being more likely to use it (86%) than men (79%).

Of those who use mobile or online banking applications, three in four (76%) say they would use a Card-Linked Marketing offer they received for Mother's Day. Almost half (41%) would use it to buy something special for mom, and one quarter (25%) would use the special offer to buy mom something extra, in addition to her Mother's Day gift.

Three in ten (29%) would use the offer to purchase something for someone else, like a mother-in-law or their wife, while nearly one quarter (24%) would use the special offer to get something for themselves.

"Very rarely do you get a majority of Americans saying they want any kind of marketing, but in the case of Card-Linked Marketing, it is a win-win," said Kasey Byrne, Senior Marketing Advisor for Cardlytics. "Consumers see Card-Linked Marketing as a valuable service from their bank that helps them save on the things they buy every day. Retailers, restaurants and brands see Card-Linked Marketing as a new, highly effective digital media channel. Banks use Card-Linked Marketing to deliver improved customer engagement, loyalty, bank card usage and spending."

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