US entertainment sector gets coalition loyalty programme

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on October 4, 2004

US entertainment sector gets coalition loyalty programme

In a bid to help the North American entertainment sector find new ways to reach customers, learn more about their interests, and influence their behaviour, Relationship Marketing Associates (RMA) has launched a national coalition loyalty programme called

The loyalty programme is based upon the principles of CRM (customer relationship management), and aims to reduce the often prohibitive cost of entry to loyalty schemes for entertainment venues. According to RMA, many of the sector's existing loyalty programmes have entry price tags of several hundred thousand dollars per year, which represents a significant investment that only the larger multi-tenant venues are able to afford.

RMA developed the programme, (which is yet to launch online), to deliver the coalition application of reward programmes. The programme is a combination of an entertainment partner in a local community as well as many merchant partners in the same community. The programme uses technology that is already in use in a number of rewards programmes in other industries.

The programme's approach removes much of the high cost of entry for the entertainment venue, reaches the customer wherever they live, and provides an easy way for programme members to earn loyalty points at a reasonable rate.

In creating the programme, RMA considered four key elements: ease of enrolment, ease of points earning, compelling reward offers, and ease of redemption. Customers shop and earn points in their local community as well as at the local participating entertainment venue using the debit or credit card of their choice. They then have the opportunity to use those points for local entertainment-related rewards, or they can use the online rewards catalogue and electronic redemption facility at to redeem their points.

The entertainment venue also receives the CRM features needed to more quickly and easily market to its local community on a one-to-one basis, not only to consumers that already frequent the venue but to all the members of the entire coalition.

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