Valpak Placing $10 Bills in Its Blue Envelopes to Surprise and Delight Consumers Nationwide

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on January 31, 2023

Valpak Committed to Serving U.S. Consumers, Businesses and Brands Who Want to Thrive Even in Tough Economic Times

ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. (January 31, 2023) – Valpak, the leader in American household data, direct marketing and omnichannel media solutions, today announced one thousand lucky consumers will find a $10 cash prize in their Valpak Blue Envelope in February. A new twist on the company’s long-running Instant Win program, the new campaign is just one more example of Valpak’s commitment to help consumers, small businesses and major brands get ahead, even in a challenging economic environment.

During the month of February, Valpak will place $10 bills in 1,000 envelopes to bring a smile to consumers’ faces when they open their envelope. The $10 prize is just enough to brighten someone’s day and whether consumers find a cash prize or not, they will discover valuable savings to help them stretch their budgets and learn about amazing products and services offered at discounts. Local and national advertisers partner with Valpak to efficiently drive sales growth and brand awareness in both local neighborhoods and valuable targeted nationwide audiences across 41 million high-value households with an average income of $130,000. Studies show the Blue Envelope has a 92% open rate.

The Blue Envelope, as well as Valpak’s digital and omnichannel solutions, have proven to be among the nation’s most effective advertising and promotions vehicles, even more so during inflationary and uncertain economic times, when consumers are most interested in savings and discounts.

“Valpak understands the economy is softening, so in addition to great savings from thousands of advertisers, our February cash prizes can help consumers grab a cup of coffee, help at the gas pump, or contribute to family groceries. Our goal is to continue to show our appreciation to the neighborhoods we serve by helping consumers save and local businesses grow,” said Chris Cate, CEO and President of Valpak.

Valpak will display a prominent creative message on the outside of its Blue Envelope alerting consumers that they could be a lucky instant winner and find a $10 bill inside. Plus, they’ll offer details on how consumers could cash in on $500 by sharing a photo on Valpak’s Facebook page At times, Valpak also features sponsored prizes, such as movie & concert tickets, retail gift cards, and codes that can be redeemed online.

Valpak’s decision to insert cash prizes in February comes from its desire to continually engage with consumers and keep their needs top-of-mind. Valpak recently surveyed 1,500 U.S. adults to understand their priorities for 2023. While health-related issues, such as losing weight, eating healthier and exercising more, are the top priorities, saving money ranked highly, with 36 percent of all consumers saying it was one of their new year resolutions. They also say that products and services that make them happy and comfortable are their most important priorities when making purchases. You can see the full results of the survey here.

About Valpak

Valpak is the leader in American household data, direct marketing and omnichannel media solutions for local and national businesses and brands. The nation's premier direct mailer, Valpak is trusted by 34,000 businesses to drive sales and brand awareness through easy-to-measure, results-oriented direct marketing and digital advertising solutions that work. Its deep data insights into American households allow Valpak to segment and target consumers and neighborhoods to maximize ROI for advertisers and deliver the highest levels of transparency and accountability. For decades, Valpak has helped consumers save, businesses grow and neighborhoods thrive. Its network of nearly 140 local offices provides unparalleled customer service and market knowledge to business owners in thousands of neighborhoods across the U.S. Each month, its Blue Envelope of savings mails to 41 million demographically targeted households in 43 states.

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