Vauxhall engages drivers with co-branded cards

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on January 22, 2014

Vauxhall engages drivers with co-branded cards

UK car maker, Vauxhall, has teamed up with Eclipse Marketing to unveil a new loyalty programme to help the automotive manufacturer maximise its customer engagement through an innovative CRM programme based on co-branded payment cards.

The Vauxhall Rewards loyalty programme allows the manufacturer's customers to apply for a branded pre-pay debit card or credit card, which can then be used to earn points to be redeemed against the cost of a new vehicle, servicing including maintenance and repair, or accessories at authorised retailers.

The system, which integrates several key suppliers including Capital One, is built on a database platform from Eclipse, which provides Vauxhall with fresh customer insights. In its role as loyalty programme provider, Eclipse also developed a bespoke system to track Vauxhall's customer registrations and points balances, and also to provide customer service support.

"The automotive industry is at a key point in its maturity, where developing and providing loyalty solutions is vital," said Barry Nielsen, client services director for Eclipse Marketing. "Vauxhall Rewards will allow the company to deliver targeted and meaningful communications to boost sales among its existing customer base, and achieve greater customer retention in the aftersales market."

"One of our key objectives was to deliver real meaningful value to our customers through a targeted loyalty platform," concluded Sophie Thomas, strategic marketing programmes manager for Vauxhall. "The route to prosperity for the automotive sector in the UK will be driven by forging stronger relationships with existing customers."

Vauxhall Motors has been making vehicles in the UK since 1903, with two manufacturing plants in the UK, representing one of General Motors' top five biggest global markets. Eclipse offers CRM, database and insight services and an integrated multi-channel contact centre.

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