Vertical CRM for government, insurance, energy & technologies

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on May 28, 2002

Vertical CRM for government, insurance, energy & technologies

A suite of industry-specific CRM solutions for government, insurance, energy and high technology sectors have been unveiled by Peoplesoft. The forthcoming systems will aim to provide the right technologies and data models for these vertical markets.

As the CRM market continues to mature, sophisticated vertical solutions have emerged to support the unique needs of companies within different industries. Because business processes and rules differ dramatically across industries, organisations wanting CRM implementations have the choice of looking for a customisable 'one size fits all' solution, or alternatively a custom-built system. Peoplesoft's new CRM suites offer vertical market organisations an out-of-box, industry-specific system, with flexible enough technology and data models to support each unique organisation's requirements.

Government The CRM for Government suite gives government organisations the ability to provide an effective service through multiple channels. For example, state and local governments can now manage non-emergency communication between themselves and their constituents, automatically direct enquiries to the right departments, graphically display the location of reported problems and work crews, and reduce administration costs by providing self-service access to online support services.

Insurance The new CRM for Insurance suite manages all lines of insurance including property and casualty, life and health. The solution uniquely models insurance policy relationships, providing a full view of a customer's insurance portfolio from claims and billing through to payment. Self-service capabilities give customers online access to product information, policy 'quick quotes' and the ability to file claims in real time.

Energy The CRM for Energy suite is designed specifically for energy retailers and distributors, and includes premise management support (to administer service points and assets), service management support, tracking and resolution of power outages, gas leaks and other emergency & non-emergency services, account billing and management, and loyalty and retention analysis for up-selling and cross-selling of products and services.

High technology The new CRM suite for high technology enterprises is built for manufacturers and distributors of hardware, software and other technology products. The solution includes self-service product registration, contract and entitlement management, real-time tracking of availability for materials and spare parts across multiple locations, and up-selling and cross-selling of products and services (for example, extended warranties and other professional services).

All four new industry solutions are expected to be available later in 2002.

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