Vice Versa smart loyalty card for Dubai tourists

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on February 13, 2007

Vice Versa smart loyalty card for Dubai tourists

The first independent dedicated network of loyalty card terminals in Dubai is being installed; it will enable small and medium sized retailers to use smart chip loyalty and incentive programmes.

The new network will run Vice Versa International's own programme, the Vice Versa Tourist Card, aimed at high spending visitors and designed to influence the way in which they spend their money in Dubai. In addition, the network can be used to run own-branded loyalty programmes for retailers at a fraction of the usual cost. It requires no technical integration or support.

Instant rewards The technology allows instant reward and redemption of points, which Vice Versa's system translates into Card-Cash, a form of points seen by the card user as a value in local currency. As data is carried on the smart chip, the system does not require monthly statements or place restrictions on redemption -  and the card can be issued instantly.

The card does not require traditional registration, encouraging use by the short-term visitor. A complimentary package that includes tourist information and a list of the partner outlets where visitors can earn and spend Card-Cash is provided. The technology is centralised in Vice Versa International's head office in Dubai Internet City. All a partner needs to do is to plug a loyalty terminal into an existing phone line.

Distribution strategy Via a distribution strategy involving tour operators, hotels and travel related services, the card will be placed in the hands of more than 500,000 high spending visitors to Dubai per year. It provides even single-outlet retailers the opportunity to tap into a low cost programme.

The card is set to be launched early 2007, and partners within the retail, food and beverage, spas and salons, art and culture and tourist services industries are currently being signed up.

Premium programme According to Vice Versa's founder and managing director, Kira Milan: "We have spent two years developing a new solution that we believe provides retailers and consumers with the most straightforward and transparent reward system available in Dubai today."

The programme features premium outlets and services, guiding high net worth tourists to the "best of the city", and helping them to make the most of their stay. The programme also helps retailers market more effectively to short term visitors to the city, which otherwise poses many challenges.

Multi-programme terminals Milan said: "A retailer, whether it has one outlet or fifty outlets, can run its own loyalty incentive programme without having to invest in technology. They plug into our existing network and start operating. They can be partner outlet in the Vice Versa tourist card programme, accepting cards from visitors, and run a loyalty programme for residents using different parameters on the same terminal."

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