Virgin Mobile offers credits for new mobile content

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on October 30, 2007

Virgin Mobile offers credits for new mobile content

Users of Virgin Mobile USA's contract-free mobile phone services are being given an opportunity to earn credits for creating, sharing and downloading mobile graphics, wallpapers and ring tones, through a new 'Studio V' web site.

Virgin Mobile's new Studio V web site rewards the network operator's customers for their creativity and encourages customers to "explore their free-spirited, artistic side" through the creation of user-generated ringtones and wallpapers that other Virgin Mobile USA customers can purchase, with a cash reward credited back to the creator of the content.

Upload, download, earn credits Customers can now upload and edit their own graphical content (whether that's photographs, designs or other graphics) to make personalised wallpaper, and they can also edit audio files to make personalised ringtones. Everything that a customer uploads to the site, or creates using the site's in-built tools, can then be shared with other Virgin Mobile USA customers. Content authors can choose to submit their creations to a private gallery which is accessible only to them, or to a public gallery which is accessible to other Virgin Mobile USA customers for download, ratings and comments.

Content creators earn US$0.10 for each item purchased, which is then credited directly to their Virgin Mobile account. Before being published for other customers to download, all submissions are screened by mobile content experts at 9 Track Mind using advanced screening technology systems.

Providing the tools - and engagement The web site is a clever idea in that it directly engages the customer by providing the necessary tools to make ringtones. Personalised real-music ringtones can be created through Studio V's web-based ringtone mixer, which allows customers to drag and drop tracks from a sound library and then arrange them to create a tone they can call their own. The audio files in the web site's library comprise a large range of genres from rap and rock to reggae and country, and include plenty of pre-recorded vocals and sound effects.

Studio V is available only to Virgin Mobile USA customers, and is free to join. All graphics are free to upload, and all content provided by the site is free for users to edit. The cost to download the resulting content (whether it's the customer's own creation, or another customer's work) to a mobile phone handset is US$1.99 for each wallpaper and US$2.50 for each ringtone.

Rewarding customer interaction Studio V is the latest in Virgin Mobile USA's rewards-based features, which already include Sugar Mama (which enables customers to earn air time in exchange for watching online advertisements).

According to Dom Tolli, vice president of mobile data services at Virgin Mobile USA, "The ability to upload and share creations is another step in our effort to expand peer-to-peer connections with user-generated content within social networks."

"Studio V provides the youth market, already consuming ringtones and wallpapers, with the tools to be able to express themselves and download mobile content that is unique to them," added Josh Barkin, president and CEO for 9 Track Mind.

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