Virgin Mobile runs m-loyalty campaign again

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on May 24, 2006

In the UK, Virgin Mobile is working with Flytxt and ActiveMedia Technology to run a free food and drink mobile loyalty marketing campaign for the third summer in a row, starting with events at Carling Academy venues.

With the aim of reinforcing the perception of Virgin Mobile as a youth lifestyle brand, the mobile telecoms operator is offering its loyal customers two pints of beer and a kebab when they attend selected summer concerts and outdoor events. Electronic vouchers for the free food and drink are delivered and redeemed via the customer's mobile phone.

In 2005 the campaign achieved a redemption rate of 70%, which has encouraged Virgin Mobile to extend the promotion to more venues throughout summer of 2006.

How it works
The idea is that in-venue advertising will encourage Virgin customers to text key words ("beer" or "kebab") to a designated SMS number in order to receive a mobile coupon that entitles them to their free food and drink.

A unique PIN code is then delivered to their mobile phone handset, which can then be entered into an ActiveMedia RAPOS terminal at the venue. The terminal then prints out a paper coupon which can be redeemed at the bar for drinks.

Grass roots
According to Rosie Newey, sponsorship and events manager for Virgin Mobile, the campaign is seen as being a good way to reward customers while also reinforcing the association between Virgin Mobile, live music, and good times with friends.

"The campaigns are so novel that there is also a viral element to them. Customers are happy to tell their friends about it, which is a great way to reinforce our reputation as a youth lifestyle brand at a grass roots level," Newey added.

Flytxt will provide the SMS delivery and mobile marketing technology for the campaign while ActiveMedia Technology's mobile voucher and redemption software will be used in conjunction with its RAPOS (Redemption At Point Of Sale) terminals to print, validate and capture data from the vouchers.

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