Visa rebrands with new logo for US market

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on January 9, 2006

Visa USA has launched a new look for the famous blue, white, and gold Visa logo for the first time in thirty years, designed to reflect the broader range of electronic payment products provided by Visa's Member financial institutions. At the same time, America First Credit Union has launched its 'Picture Perfect' Visa card using the new branding.

According to Susanne Lyons, CMO for Visa USA, the branding plays a key role in connecting millions of cardholders and merchants, and was updated due to the wider range of payment options available (e.g. debit, credit, stored value cards, contactless payments, mobile phone payments, and various business credit cards). The new logo is simpler and will be easier to represent on a wider variety of devices, screens, and card or token formats.

The updated brand mark will now appear on all new materials issued, including Visa payment cards, merchant decals, marketing materials and stadium signage. The new Visa mark, which debuted in regions outside the US in September 2005, still features the Visa brand name, and the blue, white and gold colours, and italicized type style while incorporating new graphic enhancements to make it stand out more.

Card changes and security
This event also marked the rollout of a new card redesign in the USA. New Visa cards will continue to carry the same protections that cardholders and merchants have come to know and trust, while offering security enhancements including:

  • The dove hologram will move to the back of the card and be integrated into the magnetic stripe.
  • The three-digit security code (the CVV2 code) is printed on a separate panel next to the signature panel, making it easier for consumers and merchants to read.
  • More design options with more space on the front of the card for issuers to customise.

Long term change plan
With more than 488 million cards issued and more than 6 million acceptance locations in the USA alone, Visa has planned a gradual transition that will continue for several years. Comprehensive brand guidelines have been made available to Visa Member banks and card manufacturers to prepare for the transition, while actual card changes will take place over a period of three to five years (with completion of the changeover being achieved by 2011).

Meanwhile, members and merchants have been issued with toolkits to help with employee education, and Visa conducted extensive training with law enforcement officials in preparation for the new card issuance within the USA. New Visa signage, such as window decals, tent cards, and check presenters have been made available to merchants. The new logo will also be featured in upcoming print and television advertising.

Customised Visa cards
America First Credit Union has launched its Picture Perfect Visa Card, using the new Visa branding, along with card personalisation technology from UK-based Serverside Group Limited. The Picture Perfect card gives America First members the ability to place a digital photo on the front of their cards.

Simple online instructions direct new America First cardholders to either upload their personal photo to the bank's web site, or they can choose from a large selection of existing images provided by the bank. Then, using simple editing tools, the consumer can manipulate the image to complete the design of the front of their new card.

Emotional connections

Personal image
A perfect opportunity to make a more emotional connection

According to the bank, giving customers the ability to provide their own digital photograph for inclusion on the front of their credit card is a perfect opportunity to make a more emotional connection between them and the card.

According to Ken Sippola, vice president of brand management for Visa USA, "We have responded to issuers' calls for increased card real estate. The customised card is an excellent example of how the new card design standards can be used to enhance a credit card offering."

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