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Vitamin Shoppe: Building the Future of Connected Consumer Identity

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on August 8, 2022

As data signals continue to diminish, the evolving landscape of data and identity continues to challenge marketers. Today, privacy-forward, identity-driven marketing requires a holistic approach to audience strategies to ultimately drive business growth.

In this episode of the CRMC Webinar Series hosted by The Wise Marketer, learn how Vitamin Shoppe and Experian are building the foundations to power interconnected, addressability at scale.

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Nadina Guglielmetti is Vice President, General Manager, Marketing at Vitamin Shoppe. She is a marketing and communications veteran who has launched and scaled best-in-class marketing experiences for top-tier brands. In her role at The Vitamin Shoppe, Nadina oversees omnichannel marketing including Loyalty, Customer Research, CRM, Performance and Brand Marketing. Nadina strives to build and excel The Vitamin Shoppe’s core differentiation to new and current customers, where ever they choose to engage with the brand.

Matt Tipperreiter is Senior Product Director for Identity at Experian. He is a 20+ year veteran of Experian, Matt gets excited about helping brands more effectively connect with their customers and to identify high value prospects across media and marketing channels. In his professional adventures, Matt has led the development of numerous product innovations that help marketers get smarter about their own data, connect identities across the digital divide and drive better outcomes with consumer engagement as a result. Matt holds an MBA from Olivet Nazarene University, and a BS in Marketing from Northern Illinois University.

Bina Amin is Senior Director of Product Marketing at Experian. With nearly 2 decades in the digital ad space, Bina has worked across all aspects of the business from the publisher side to agency to marketing platforms. She enjoys building teams that work along-side Product, UX, and Sales to uncover the vagaries of modern customer behavior. She is passionate about data, marketing and the evolution of identity so help drive business growth. Bina holds a BA from NYU.