Vodafone NZ issues 5-millionth loyalty reward

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on August 28, 2015

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Newswire Published: Aug 28, 2015

The New Zealand mobile phone network provider Vodafone has announced that its loyal customers have now redeemed more than 5.5 million rewards since the launch of its... [ read more ]

Ten ways technology can increase customer loyalty

Published: Aug 27, 2015

Recent figures from Gartner suggest that there will be some 30 billion web-connected devices globally by 2020 and, while this presents fantastic opportunities for... [ read more ]

Marketers struggling to make emails stand out

Published: Aug 26, 2015

Successful marketing via the consumer's email inbox is getting harder and harder in the digital age, with many marketers finding their emails are getting lost among a... [ read more ]

Hilton spots a whole new segment of travellers

Published: Aug 25, 2015

A survey for Hilton Worldwide's global brand Hampton by Hilton has identified a new type of traveller that has been defined as the 'Seekender', which regularly takes... [ read more ]

UK firms still missing the Sales-Marketing link

Published: Aug 21, 2015

Despite the clear benefits of aligning sales and marketing teams, two-fifths of British companies have yet to align their sales goals with their marketing activities,... [ read more ]

How to get Omni-Channel Retail right first time

Published: Aug 18, 2015

Two years ago, creating an integrated omni-channel strategy was becoming an important objective. Forward-thinking retailers had the luxury of trial and error and the... [ read more ]

How J D Williams cracked the Engagement code

Published: Aug 14, 2015

With customer behaviour continually changing, how can retailers ensure the quality and relevance of each customer's experience? The UK-based omni-channel fashion... [ read more ]

It's time to get serious about customer retention

Published: Aug 13, 2015

Retention has always played second fiddle to acquisition within marketing - despite the fact that acquiring new customers is far more expensive than retaining existing... [ read more ]

Forget the customer's cash: win their attention

Published: Aug 12, 2015

Today, brands are constantly battling to get consumers to part with their data and their cash. However, whilst both are important, there is one thing that should be the... [ read more ]

How to take a joined-up approach to CRM

Published: Aug 11, 2015

The role of CRM is evolving. Its uses are diversifying yet it continues to be business critical, supporting many key business processes from social media to customer... [ read more ]

Make every week Customer Service Week

Published: Aug 10, 2015

There actually is a week set aside as 'Customer Service Week'. Most people don't even know when it is so for those who don't, it's the first full week of October.... [ read more ]

Tesco Clubcard Boost returns, bigger than before

Published: Aug 7, 2015

UK supermarket Tesco has announced the return of its previous Clubcard Boost promotion, but 'bigger than ever', in August, allowing millions of members to take... [ read more ]

Emotional value is key to Millennial loyalty

Published: Aug 6, 2015

As more marketers have focused on the Millennial Generation with efforts focused on capturing this cohort's attentions, major budgets are being planned in the mistaken... [ read more ]

Three sporting KPIs that will improve your marketing

Published: Aug 5, 2015

There have been a number of major athletic events over the past few months: the Women's World Cup, the US Open, the British Open and others. The lovely weather in the... [ read more ]

The new Loyalty Guide 7 is ready for download

Published: Aug 4, 2015

For the customer loyalty marketer who wants to stay ahead of the game, there's a brand new edition of The Wise Marketer's report 'The Loyalty Guide' (Volume 7)... [ read more ]

GiftCards.com launches G-Money Rewards scheme

Published: Aug 4, 2015

The online gift card retailer GiftCards.com has launched a new rewards programme called 'G-Money Rewards', allowing its customers to earn G-Money Rewards points on... [ read more ]

Promotions are still vital to brand sentiment

Published: Aug 3, 2015

With more than half (55%) of consumers citing loyalty rewards as a key decision making factor when it comes to choosing a brand or provider, it is more important than... [ read more ]

BP launches simpler Driver Rewards in the US

Published: Jul 28, 2015

In the US, BP has launched a simpler version of its 'Driver Rewards' loyalty programme, allowing motorist members to choose from three different cards, and providing... [ read more ]

How consumer-generated content adjusts behaviours

Published: Jul 27, 2015

Buyers who research-online-and-buy-offline (known as 'ROBO' behaviour) represent a significant marketing opportunity for most retailers, according to 'The Conversation... [ read more ]

UK Boardrooms are out of touch with customer needs

Published: Jul 24, 2015

Most UK CEOs and boards have no understanding of what customers want and ignore experienced frontline employees, while many also fail to lead by example by exhibiting... [ read more ]

IHG Rewards Club adds even loftier elite tier

Published: Jul 23, 2015

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) has added a new elite membership tier called 'Spire Elite' to its IHG Rewards Club frequent guest loyalty programme, aiming to... [ read more ]

Shoppers use mobile in-store but very few buy

Published: Jul 22, 2015

Three quarters (75%) of all shoppers say they are now regularly using a mobile device while shopping in bricks-and-mortar retail stores, with only 25% actually making a... [ read more ]

TalkTalk Business launches My Offers loyalty scheme

Published: Jul 21, 2015

In the UK, mobile phone network provider TalkTalk Business has recently launched 'My Offers', a business-to-business loyalty scheme that provides customers with... [ read more ]

Consumers show an appetite for email marketing

Published: Jul 20, 2015

Marketers can send more messages without suppressing response, but not necessarily to users' primary accounts, according to email frequency optimization research... [ read more ]

Market research is still key to brand value

Published: Jul 17, 2015

Establishing a strong proposition lies at the heart of every business, and is something that brand consultancies have been banging the drum for since the beginning of... [ read more ]

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