Volvo drives loyalty with Aeroplan

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on September 13, 2013

Volvo drives loyalty with Aeroplan

In Canada, the Aeroplan coalition loyalty programme has announced its entry into a multi-year agreement with luxury vehicle maker Volvo, allowing Aeroplan Members to earn Aeroplan Miles for for new vehicles and for parts, accessories and servicing at all Canadian Volvo retailers.

Starting immediately, Aeroplan Members will earn loyalty miles for all Volvo-related purchases, including 250 miles for taking a test drive in any new Volvo vehicle, 1 mile per Can $1 spent on Volvo parts and accessories, and another 1 mile per Can$1 spent on vehicle servicing.

To celebrate the launch of the new partnership, Volvo is offering Aeroplan Members some exclusive offers until 31st October 2013, including double Aeroplan Bonus miles for every Can$1 spent on after-sales vehicle services.

At the same time, members will be able to earn up to 75,000 miles - and an absolute minimum of 25,000 miles - for all qualifying new Volvo vehicle purchases, depending on the model chosen.

"Volvo is our first full-lifecycle automotive partnership, providing members with an opportunity to earn miles at every stage of the vehicle ownership cycle," said David Houston, vice president of partnerships for Aeroplan.

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