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[Webinar] Collaborative Commerce: The Evolution of Loyalty

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on November 18, 2021

Join us for this riveting discussion about the evolution of customer loyalty with two executives from Kognitiv, a global technology solution headquartered in Canada. Peter Menges, Managing Director, North America and Jisun Hahn, Global Head of Solutions at Kognitiv are hosted by Bill Hanifin, Managing Editor Wise Marketer.

The discussion kicks off with a review of the topics that keep C-Suite executives awake at night, with a focus on these 5 top-priority challenges: customer data, consumer relevancy and engagement, maintaining the integrity and control of your brand, technology, and cost control. As Peter points out, the topics on the list are familiar to seasoned executives but creating a path to solution has become infinitely more complex and difficult to manage.

We then dive into a discussion of how partnerships can enable new opportunities for collaborating brands and quickly unlock additional value as measured by sales, gross profit, and brand affinity. We delve into a full description of Collaborative Commerce and, better yet, discuss several recent client case examples to show the challenges Kognitiv addresses. That includes how to get operational on their platform, the steps to unlock the opportunities inside your business, and how Kognitiv ensures you’re collaborating with the most appropriate peer for your business.

We wrap up with a look into the future, as Peter and Jisun share what they are hearing from their clients and how that is influencing what Kognitiv is planning and building into their solution in 2022.

Kognitiv is a technology growth organization that goes beyond basic loyalty constructs and builds value through partnerships and peer-to-peer collaboration. The company has grown through acquisition, with Aimia the most familiar name to loyalty marketers that was added into the portfolio in 2020. Kognitiv uses a proprietary "Smart Journey" process to design and develop solutions that use Collaborative Commerce to unlock new partners, new customer groups, and new funding for your loyalty programs.

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