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[Webinar] Complex Customer Challenges are the New Normal

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on May 7, 2020

Thank you to everybody that registered and attended the webinar Complex Customer Challenges are the New Normal with Bond Brand Loyalty. There was overwhelming participation and we are thankful for all the positive feedback. For those of you who did not register in time, the replay is available by filling out the short form below. If you have any questions, feedback, or would like Wise Marketer to host your own webinar please contact us here. And you can connect with Sean, Kyle, and the rest of experts from Bond Brand Loyalty here.

Complex Customer Challenges are the New Normal

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Change is now inevitable, amidst challenge after challenge, and marketers everywhere are striving to make sense of the current reality and how to best prepare for the ‘new normal’. Priority is to develop and action a recovery plan with the right digital underpinnings and human interface, to ensure you continue to engage, build trust and retain the loyalty of your most valuable customers in a post-COVID crisis economy.

What you'll learn from the webinar:

* Identify key touch points and customer journey moments that matter most
* Gain insights on how to dig out of these unprecedented times and plan for the recession ahead
* See how to differentiate, deliver value and meaningful engagement in a digital-first world
* Secure organizational alignment on doubling down on demonstrating trust and leadership to customers, employees, partners and local communities
* Grasp the opportunity to lead with a data & analytics reset to support new patterns and deal with complex customer challenges
* Get access to helpful resources to do further exploration and planning on your own


Kyle West helps brands understand the changing landscape of loyalty and customer engagement, delivering actionable insights and thought-leadership that support the marketing strategies of clients and partners in multiple geographies around the globe. Leading Bond Brand Loyalty’s Global Insights division, Kyle and his team specialize in helping Financial Institutions and Merchants understand the attitudes, behaviours, preferences and experiences that make or break a loyal relationship in world of evolving customer choice and expectations. Over more than a decade Kyle has a proven track record of developing insight-driven digital and direct marketing, new business, and brand strategies and solutions that drive lasting loyalty with measured business results. Before joining Bond Brand Loyalty in 2016, Kyle held roles in business development and marketing for International Strategy at LoyaltyOne (an Alliance Data company) and began his career with AIR MILES Reward Program.

When Sean Claessen solves for X, he always asks why. Through relentless curiosity, he has coalesced creativity and analytics, evolving the traditional strategy role to mesh finances and data to visual acumen and design thinking. After years of living in Ad Land, he wanted to give clients results, not just a string of F-words: Fleeting—Frivolous—Fun work—instead, work that could better use space, time, and money to solve problems. He joined Bond in 2008, as Executive Creative Director, and has taken years of millennial marketing, experiential excitement and an appetite for innovation into new realms. He now draws on Loyalty and Customer Experience vocabularies to innovate better in-store, digital, and people-related solutions that create return on investment and return customers. Sean is Chief Strategy Officer at Bond Brand Loyalty.

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Bill Hanifin is CEO Wise Marketer Group LLC, and serves as Managing Editor of TheWiseMarketer.com. Bill is a Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional (CLMP). Since 2006, he has led Hanifin Loyalty LLC, a strategic marketing agency focused on designing, managing, and evaluating customer loyalty and data-driven marketing programs. Over that time, Bill has worked with notable brands throughout North America, Latin America, EU, and Asia Pacific regions. Bill is a sought-after speaker by many industry groups and is a member of the Forbes Agency Council and Retail Wire Brain Trust.