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[Webinar] Emotional Connection: Stop And Shop’s Journey to a Human-Centric Approach in Grocery

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on April 27, 2021

Stop & Shop has been a neighborhood grocer across the Northeast for more than a century. Known for its convenient locations, it leads in market share among its traditional competitors with 413 stores in 5 states along with more than 100 gas stations. However, competitive pressures intensified over the past several years, making it critical to evolve in a meaningful way.

In this episode of the CRMC Webinar Series hosted by The Wise Marketer, hear from Robin Ruttle, digital and loyalty marketing at Stop & Shop, and Denise Holt, customer strategy and insights at ICF Next, to learn about ICF Next’s and Stop & Shop’s collaborative process and shared focus on strengthening emotional loyalty through the design of the new Stop & Shop GO Rewards program.

Key Topics of Discussion:

  • The power of empathy and customer understanding — a look at real life for our customers
  • Impressive results achieved since launching in the middle of a global pandemic and the challenge to build on that momentum going forward

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Robin Ruttle has over 15 years of brand, CRM, loyalty, and integrated marketing experience across many consumer-facing industries including retail, hospitality, consumer packaged goods, and media. Robin currently leads loyalty at Stop & Shop, a leading grocer in the Northeast, with over 400 stores throughout NY, NY, CT, RI, and MA. She led the design of the company’s new program, Stop & Shop GO Rewards, which launched in July 2020, and oversees the membership base, providing personalized experiences and campaigns throughout the year.

Denise Holt understands the power of human insights in driving smart strategy and business growth. With 20 years of experience in consumer loyalty, brand and creative strategy, consumer insights, human-centered design and business strategy, Denise leads ICF Next’s customer strategy, insights and research discipline. She spearheaded a substantial multi-method research initiative being embraced for uncovering insights about the drivers that are core to all human connections: Humanizing Loyalty: A road map to establishing genuine emotional loyalty at scale.