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[Webinar] Navigating the Crosswinds: Managing a Loyalty Program in Uncertain Times

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on May 4, 2020

Thank you to everybody that registered and attended the webinar Navigating the Crosswinds: Managing a Loyalty Program in Uncertain Times with Comarch and Wise Marketer. We are excited about the positive feedback and number of responses. If you have any more questions for Comarch or Wise Marketer, please feel free to reach out. And if you missed out on attending the webinar or just want to dig in deeper, fill out the form below to watch it on demand!

Navigating the Crosswinds: Managing a Loyalty Program in Uncertain Times

Serving Up New Experiences and Engagement in a New Normal

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Loyalty programs, as we know today, are still considered a relatively new tool to engage, incentivize, and drive customer behavior. That said, there is no protocol in how to deal with customers and program members in such uncertain times, and especially in the particular case of COVID-19 and the devastating effect it’s had on the retail, travel, and hospitality industries.

While every brand and business will manage their loyalty and marketing programs differently during the coming months, there is one thing that must always hold true: ensuring the program is aligned with the customers’ most basic needs and not just looking to increase NPS or share of wallet.

This of course won’t come easily, but in this webinar we will discuss some ways of approaching this topic and how you can do so leveraging your loyalty program and engagement channels.


Sidney Dunn currently works as the Director of Loyalty in the Americas Region for Comarch. In 2013, he joined Comarch in their first Latin American office as a Business Solutions Manager in CRM & Marketing. He has since relocated to New York City and is working directly with some of the most well-known retail, financial, and FMCG companies in Latin America, United States, and Canada to implement and improve their loyalty, engagement, and marketing programs. Prior to working at Comarch, he began his professional career as an Analyst at Rocaton Investment Advisors, a major investment firm, located in Connecticut, USA. In 2011, based in Santiago, Chile, he led the International Sales team at GlobalShopex, an e-commerce company. In 2008, Sidney obtained his bachelor´s degree in International Business from Fairleigh Dickinson University in the United States.

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Bill Hanifin is CEO Wise Marketer Group LLC, and serves as Managing Editor of TheWiseMarketer.com. Bill is a Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional (CLMP). Since 2006, he has led Hanifin Loyalty LLC, a strategic marketing agency focused on designing, managing, and evaluating customer loyalty and data-driven marketing programs. Over that time, Bill has worked with notable brands throughout North America, Latin America, EU, and Asia Pacific regions. Bill is a sought-after speaker by many industry groups and is a member of the Forbes Agency Council and Retail Wire Brain Trust.