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[Webinar] Serving Up New Experiences and Engagement in a New Normal

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on July 17, 2020

Thanks to all who participated and attended in our recent webinar titled Serving Up New Experiences and Engagement in a New Normal. The conversation from Lisa Regelman, Peet's Coffee; Matt Warren, Panera Bread; Phil Rubin, CLMP, rDialogue; Sean Claessen, Bond Brand Loyalty; and Bill Hanifin, CLMP, Wise Marketer was dynamic, engaging, and well received by the audience. For those of you who did not register in time, the replay is available by filling out the short form below. If you have any questions, feedback, or would like Wise Marketer to host your own webinar please contact us here.

Kendra Scott: Unwrapping 164x Holiday ROI With Personalized Text Messaging

Kendra Scott: Unwrapping 164x Holiday ROI With Personalized Text Messaging

Nearly 75% of US adults plan to complete their holiday shopping primarily online this year. And as smartphones drove over $50 billion in sales during last year’s holiday season, the benefits of using SMS to reach shoppers are clear.

Hear how lifestyle brand Kendra Scott used text messaging to unlock 164x+ ROI during Cyber Week 2019 — and how it plans to beat that success this holiday season, considering it’s sure to be different than any before.

This webinar was presented by Kendra Scott and Attentive. It was hosted by Wise Marketer.

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Webinar Description:

In this new normal, every retail brand has had to adapt and pivot to meet some very new and complex business challenges. While always having a focus on speed, innovation, efficiency and the customer experience, leading brands must now accelerate digital and physical strategies and rapidly implement their plans. In this live webinar hosted by Bill Hanifin, CLMP from The Wise Marketer, Sean Claessen from Bond and Phil Rubin, CLMP from rDialogue, will join Lisa Regelman from Peet’s Coffee and Matt Warren from Panera Bread, in a lively and insightful discussion about their journey through the crisis and what the future looks like for consumers, employees, and the retail experience.

Key topics of discussion:

• Adapting the journey, messaging, and experience to meet new customer and employee needs
• How the crisis has reduced risk and accelerated innovation opportunities for brands
• How customer data-driven insights and analytics are key to driving results and impact
• The role that loyalty plays and the opportunities ahead to further engage customers