What do women want in a DIY store?

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on March 8, 2006

Women shoppers are vital to home improvement retailers, yet many female consumers report feeling underserved, according to research in the USA by strategy and marketing company Cerebellas LLC.

Although women vary in their knowledge and ability to conduct home improvement projects, the study revealed the necessity for good customer service - something the survey's respondents found lacking in many stores.

According to Beth Zimmerman, principal for Cerebellas, "Women want to simplify what they perceive to be an unnecessarily complex shopping process. Above all, they long for a stress-free experience and want to feel that their business is appreciated. Deficiencies in sales staff's product knowledge are tremendously frustrating for women shoppers."

Key findings
Among the study's key findings were that:

  • Women are most loyal to stores that have products and services relevant to their needs, good customer service, and good value;
  • Poor customer service was cited by 77% of women as the chief contributor to an unsatisfying shopping experience;
  • Nearly 97% reported that a single person capable of answering all their questions was one of the most important services a home improvement retailer could provide;
  • 88% want highly visible markings to make store navigation easier;
  • 77% want to see important information at eye level throughout the store.

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