White label instant e-loyalty programme launches

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on April 3, 2006

White label instant e-loyalty programme launches

A new instant online rewards scheme called 'ThanksPoints' has been launched in the UK by loyalty provider @1 Limited, with a concept and design approach that focuses attention on the quality of the rewards and service, promoting the 'product as hero' principle.

According to @1, companies of all sizes will be able to use the ThanksPoints.com loyalty platform to reward and recognise customer loyalty, or for one-off promotions, incentive schemes and staff motivation programmes.

One the of programme's key goals is to provide high quality, varied and original rewards. The buying and procurement team is lead by @1 Director, Di Overton, who earned an Internet Decade Top 100 Award for her work on WhereDidYouBuyThat.com (a global designer-lifestyle online store). Overton explained: "I find that many businesses consistently underestimate the sophistication and desire for style and quality of so-called Joe and Jane Public. Surprisingly often this comes from their marketing people, who ought to know better."

More excitement Loyalty rewards, the company felt, needed to be made more exciting - something to aspire to. Many consumers are no longer motivated by 15% off the price of a meal for four at a restaurant on the edge of an out-of-town shopping centre, so Overton set out to provide a wider range of rewards that appeal to all tastes, including a selection of goods from top brand such as Bose, iPod, and Tag Heuer.

The company's formula for exciting rewards seems simple enough: rewards should be the things that consumers have always wanted but can't quite justify buying for themselves. And, according to Overton, the key to achieving a motivated response is that the reward should recognise the value of whatever the member has had to do to earn it - by being very high quality, for example.

Quick development The ThanksPoints programme offers companies rapid "in-and-out access" to test a new rewards concept before committing to a full roll-out. Campaigns can be short term (to motivate a team to achieve a fast-turnaround in a struggling sector), or longer term (to build long term customer or staff loyalty).

The rewards catalogue is constantly updated and refreshed, and the latest "must-haves" are added regularly to help enthuse early-adopters. Clients can also choose to have their logo added to their own version of the scheme, or opt for the white label version. According to @1, initial programme set up is free, and the monthly service costs are minimal.

Real-time feedback ThanksPoints users all receive live, real-time reporting to enables them to fine tune and monitor their programme. The company has made a fully working demonstration available online at http://www.thankspoints.com.

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