White paper aims at better customer choreography

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on June 6, 2006

The way in which companies choreograph and manage their customer touch points is vital to earning long-term customer loyalty, according to a new white paper published by The Allegiant Group, which explores the art, science and strategy of customer contact management.

Many companies that engage in loyalty best practices already understand that the consistency of quality and user-friendly service touch points goes a long way toward turning a simply satisfied customer into a brand advocate.

But Allegiant's white paper takes the concept a step further, explaining not only the basics of customer contact management but also offering some key lessons and suggestions for those companies seeking to improve the way they interact with customers throughout the product/service value chain and the customer lifecycle.

Key topics
Among the paper's key topics are:

  • Developing a customer contact management plan;
  • Mapping touch points from the viewpoint of the customer;
  • Rules-based customer treatment for consistency of delivery;
  • Customer lifecycles and their impact on contact management;
  • How to use vendors effectively in the contact management strategy.

According to Allegiant, the effective management of all - not just some - customers touch points with quality and consistency is a vital element of the kind of long-term customer loyalty that most companies (retailers in particular) seek to earn.

The white paper concludes that doing this successfully across the entire customer base, rather than just with 'Best Customers', can reap significant rewards.

The full white paper is available as a free download from The Wise Marketer (as a PDF document - 177Kb) by kind permission of The Allegiant Group Inc. - click here.

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