Who got the award for CRM best practice?

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Posted on March 11, 2002

Who got the award for CRM best practice?

USA based Edify Corporation has revealed its 2001 Solutions Award winners for the implementation of innovative CRM best practice solutions involving voice, web, e-mail, wireless and multi-modal technologies...

Edify Corporation gives the awards for CRM best practice implementations based on the Edify Enterprise suite, acknowledging individuals and their organisations who successfully create and deploy innovative customer interaction solutions. Says Joseph Brown, Edify's chief executive officer, "we view CRM as an enterprise issue and have created multi-modal interfaces for web, voice, phone, fax and email to connect all of an organization's service and support touch points." Award entries are reviewed by a panel of judges consisting of Edify executives and consultants. The winners of the Edify 2001 Solutions Awards are as follows:

  • Grand Prize winner, and Award for Voice Self-Service: won by Don Edwards of AG Solutions - who used the Edify Enterprise suite to provide a range of innovative speech recognition solutions for the East of Scotland Water (ESW) company. AG Solutions designed and implemented a voice self-service system which overcame the problems of a range of unique dialects and accents in ESW's customer service area. AG Solutions created an emergency outbound messaging solution which identifies customers affected by a problem, determines the recipients' preferred communication methods and dispatches instructions, messages and updates.
  • Award for e-Service: won by Georgina Ross of RAC Motoring Services - who has built a group of electronic customer self-service offerings. RAC has created a combination of both statistical and deep-linguistic processing technology to manage e-mail communications automatically. Agent support tools include automatic routing and suggestions (based on the Edify Natural Language system for understanding text), combined with desktop access to RAC's knowledge base.
  • Award for Multi-Channel CRM: won by Robb McKenzie at the Attorney General's Office (State of Texas, USA). The State of Texas Child Support Division built the USA's first federally-funded, interactive child support agency web site, providing payment information and current case status. It has become the portal for online applications and other services to custodial and non-custodial parents, and uses voice self-service to enable state residents to access services and case information. Communications can be received via the channel of their choice, be it voice, phone, web or email.
  • Award for Web Self-Service: won by Al Morkans of ANZ Bank – who has built a web portal to manage ANZ Bank's on-line banking services, providing self-service for more than one million customers. Customers are able to access a range of services including bill payment, funds transfers and account information.
  • Award for Wireless Application: won by Tom Parrott of Digital Voice Systems - who introduced wireless applications that give GE Medical technicians real-time access to data, ensuring the rapid and correct servicing of life-critical diagnostic equipment including scanners and X-ray devices. DVS used Edify's Application Builder solution to manage XML calls, Oracle queries and data capture on GE Medical's mainframe system.

Edify provides end-to-end CRM solutions throughout the enterprise for more than 2,000 companies worldwide, and is an S1 Corporation company. S1's e-Finance solutions encourage a transaction-based, customer-centric view across multiple delivery channels, aiming at a more compelling experience for customers, and more profitable customer relationships for financial institutions.

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