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Why Customer Loyalty Platforms Are Like Typewriters

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Wise Marketer Staff

Posted on August 3, 2023

How to Tap Your Strategy Team to Bring Your Customer Engagement Ideas to Life

Just because an aspiring writer has a new Word document open right in front of them doesn’t mean they will create a gripping, larger-than-life story within that space. Don’t get us wrong – it is possible, but whether the young writer will tell such a story or not depends more on their skills and imagination rather than Microsoft’s popular software.

The same rule applies to loyalty programs – and platforms we use to manage them. Just because you have all the tools needed to build a unique, truly immersive customer experience doesn’t mean you will create one yourself. You see, that loyalty platform you bought (or intend to buy) is your typewriter – and it doesn’t work on its own.

You must have some ideas for a loyalty program first, and then use the tools to “put your ideas down in black and white.” And in the world of customer loyalty, you have to make every idea count. All of us can tell the difference between good and bad writing – the same goes for loyalty programs.

This quick read from Comarch Loyalty Marketing outlines three steps to brining your program strategy to life and making sure that you get the most out of your investment in your chosen loyalty management software. Read the entire article here.