Wireless waiters recover restaurant reputations

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on November 11, 2005

Wireless waiters recover restaurant reputations

The customised diner service provider ESP Systems has launched a new customer service and satisfaction aid for busy restaurant waiters: a table-mounted wireless console that diners can use to make simple requests instead of waiting for the waiter's undivided attention.

The wireless ESP device provides full-service restaurant operators with a tool to help make their customers happier. According to ESP Systems, a major cause of diner dissatisfaction is the problem of not being able to attract a waiter's attention when they're needed at the table.

Busy in real-time The console allows guests to instantly communicate with their waiter, as well as with restaurant managers, hosts, and bussers. Each employee wears a wireless watch-like device that provides them with customer requests in real time.

Based on its own surveys and field tests at both regional and national chains in the USA, the company found that 90% of previously dissatisfied casual diners said that the ESP console could have prevented their negative experience and preserved their loyalty to the restaurant (and therefore their repeat business).

Devin Green, CEO for ESP Systems, said: "We believe that today's service model is fundamentally broken, as evidenced by thousands of guests choosing never to return to restaurants each year because of service breakdowns."

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