Wise Marketer Group Releases New Report Assessing the Future of Crypto Rewards

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Posted on December 14, 2022

2022 Delphi Panel Predicts a Promising Future for Crypto Rewards in the Global Loyalty Industry

DEERFIELD BEACH, FL, USA, December 12, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The Loyalty Academy, the educational platform of Wise Marketer Group, has released its annual Delphi Panel report – The Future of Crypto Rewards – in which a panel of global loyalty experts examined the possibilities associated with cryptocurrencies as a future component of loyalty marketing programs.

The key findings from the panel’s predictions include:

  • As cryptocurrencies grow in prominence, so too will the influence of crypto rewards.
  • Brands whose audience demographics cater to younger cohorts should be formulating approaches to adopt crypto rewards.
  • Redemption strategies will likely form the strongest use case for crypto rewards. While other tactics offer potential, adding crypto rewards to an existing redemption catalog offers the immediate opportunity for experimentation and learning prior to widespread adoption.
  • Brands may not be asking about crypto rewards today, but they will be soon. Rather than wait for the client request, service providers and consultants should take a leadership position and help brands assess the crypto rewards concept now.
  • Adoption by vertical loyalty market and global geographic regions will likely be different. The greatest potential for early adoption is concentrated in financial services, entertainment sectors, and multi-merchant loyalty coalitions. The regions of disproportionate interest vis-à-vis their share of the global loyalty marketplace are Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

“The crypto rewards marketplace is changing rapidly. There are still challenges and the panel points out many industry concerns, but the prevailing sentiment is overwhelmingly positive.”

– Mike Capizzi, Dean of The Loyalty Academy and author of the report

The report, conducted in collaboration with Bakkt, an Atlanta-based loyalty and crypto solutions thought leader who has established capabilities in crypto rewards solutions, is based on the assessment of The Loyalty Academy’s Delphi Panel of experts representing all sectors of the loyalty industry across all global geographic regions. The panel focused on future considerations for crypto rewards and offers predictions for both near term and longer-term horizons.

“The crypto rewards marketplace is changing rapidly,” commented Mike Capizzi, Dean of The Loyalty Academy and author of the report. “There has been considerable positive movement forward since we last examined this issue and any brand or loyalty service provider who is not taking crypto rewards seriously is in future jeopardy. There are still challenges and the panel points out many of the loyalty industry’s concerns, but the prevailing sentiment about the future of crypto rewards is overwhelmingly positive.”

Established in 2018, the Loyalty Academy’s Delphi Panel is comprised of Certified Loyalty Marketing Professionals™ (CLMP™) and other loyalty experts representing brands, consultants, and service providers from all regions of the world. The report utilizes traditional Delphi research techniques involving both qualitative and quantitative methods to predict future outcomes relative to the loyalty marketing industry.

The full report is available here on a complimentary basis to the loyalty industry.

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