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Women in Loyalty: Episode 10 — Chayya Bassi, QBF

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on March 15, 2022

Season 2 of our Women in Loyalty™ series kicks off with Chayya Bassi, CLMP™, Co-founder and Chief Loyalty Strategist, QBF Consulting. QBF is based in Dubai and supports clients in multiple markets. Chayya strikes us as the ultimate go-getter. She has tremendous experience in retail and her journey to founding her own business is a great story that you can’t miss.

During Season 1 of Women in Loyalty, we principally featured guests from North America. In Season 2 we will showcase more guests from international markets. This aligns with Wise Marketer’s position as the Global Voice of Customer Loyalty.

We rang the bell twice in our first episode as we also have an international host for this session. Melanie Parker, CLMP, Co-Founder, Stream Loyalty, is based in the UK and was gracious in hosting this conversation with Chayya. We’re pretty sure that Melanie will find herself on the other side of the mic very soon.

In 2022, we continue our mission to shine a light on the women leading change in the customer engagement and digital marketing field. If we crafted three words to describe Women in Loyalty, it would be Recognize, Community, and Collaboration. Season 1 was all about Recognition. That will always be the starting point in our episodes, but as we begin Season 2, we build the bridge to create Community among participants in the series.

In the coming months, we will continue to expand Women in Loyalty with increased diversity of perspective and content from Female Leaders in our industry. We have two big events planned to begin this community-building effort and there are opportunities for you to get involved in support of this initiative. Watch for announcements here soon and we hope that you will take action with us to celebrate leaders in this industry and support their work.

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About Women in Loyalty

The Women in Loyalty series is composed of video interviews featuring executives who are influential in digital customer marketing today, and those that have made lifetime contributions to the art and science of customer loyalty throughout their careers.

You’ll be hearing from people working around the globe with brands, suppliers, and in academia. We’ll also feature some of the 90+ female members of the Loyalty Academy’s Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional™ (CLMP) community.

If you would like to participate or nominate a guest, please drop us a message.