Xcelerator to add new dimension to loyalty?

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on August 26, 2009

Xcelerator to add new dimension to loyalty?

In his work compiling a comprehensive benchmark study of customer loyalty platforms and technologies, The Wise Marketer's contributing editor Mike Atkin has observed some noteworthy innovation in the form of the 'Xcelerator' application. Atkin interviewed designer Robert Kersenbrock to find out more about the application that could potentially add a new dimension to loyalty schemes.

Kersenbrock, president for loyalty technology firm XLG, told Atkin that Xcelerator was designed and positioned to offer true differentiation to loyalty programme sponsors as well as fun and excitement for loyalty programme members.

Xcelerator Loyalty Group (XLG) is currently launching the patent-pending loyalty marketing platform to allow the members of a loyalty programme to earn points based on the performance of third parties. In other words, participants earn Xcelerator 'Picks' by meeting behavioural criteria established by the programme sponsor.

Members can then use their Picks to select their favourite team, player, contestant or individual within a variety of popular consumer interest categories (such as sports, reality TV, politics, awards programmes, music, literature, and so on). The programme sponsor determines how many points to award participants for correct selections. Points earned are then added to the member's existing points balance, and can then be redeemed for rewards from the programme sponsor's current loyalty catalogue or rewards structure. According to Kersenbrock, Xcelerator was carefully designed so that it does not involve gambling in any way, as the participant never makes a wager or loses points as a result of their picks.

Xcelerator aims to position loyalty programme sponsors with a powerful marketing plan that Kersenbrock describes as "evergreen" - that is, it is always relevant because they will constantly be creating a fresh and exciting value proposition based on "buzz-of-the-day" events that members are already passionate about and have a high degree of interest in.

The data gathered by Xcelerator can then provide some unique and valuable insights into members' specific personal interests. Because the programme is based on the participant's individual interests, it fosters a highly interactive relationship with the programme sponsor, and XLG has developed sophisticated algorithms to manage the application to ensure that financial liabilities are also controlled.

As Kersenbrock said, "Imagine a programme so compelling the participants are initiating the majority of dialogue with the brand or product. You can't ask for more than that, particularly when that dialogue is so positive and cost effective. The feedback received from our consumer research so far is very encouraging, and demonstrates a high level of consumer interest and receptiveness to the programme".

XLG's strategy involves awarding exclusive marketing rights to a single partner within each primary consumer industry (e.g. financial services, airlines, lodging, telecommunications, and so on) within a given geographical zone. By using an exclusive approach, the company feels that the programme can deliver much greater value for its partners that will allow them to make market share gains and optimise their financial return from the programme.

Programme sponsors can also use Xcelerator as a value-adding enhancement for an existing loyalty programme. For ease and speed of implementation, XLG has contracted a leading loyalty/incentive processing company to handle Xcelerator's special processing requirements to and seamlessly interface with programme sponsors' existing loyalty processing providers.

Robert Kersenbrock can be contacted by email (bkersenbrock@cfl.rr.com) or by telephone at +1 (407) 402-8104.

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