Youth brands succeeding despite the recession

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on January 30, 2009

Several US retailers are targeting the country's younger consumers in an apparently successful effort to prosper during the economic downturn, according to the latest ForecastIQ analysis from Prosper Technologies and BIGresearch.

The service also notes that, although retail sales in the US continue to slump, two specialty stores are almost certain to see same store sales growth over the next two months: Aeropostale and Buckle.

"Analysis of consumer intentions data in the BIGresearch CIA database confirmed some standard expectations as well as a few surprises," explained Professor Greg Allenby from the Fisher College of Business at Ohio State University. "Many discount and wholesale stores are expected to realise increases in sales at the expense of department stores, with gains in same store sales now being predicted for Walmart, Sam's Club, Fred's, Family Dollar and BJ's".

Surprising, though, was the observed ability of several specialty stores targeting young consumers to increase same store sales during this time of economic hardship. Same store sales are expected to increase at Aeropostale, Buckle and Hot Topic despite other retailers showing a clear decline. According to Allenby's analysis, the tastes of young consumers are changing the competitive landscape of specialty retailers, and there will be clear winners and losers.

The ForecastIQ for same store sales growth or decline over the next 75 days period includes:

  • Almost certain to see increase: Aeropostale, Buckle, Fred's, and Walmart.
  • Likely to see increase: BJ's, Children's Place, Costco, Family Dollar, Hot Topic, and Sam's Club.
  • No change: Cato, and Ross.

The latest forecasts for each retailer examined have been made available via a 30-day free trial of the ForecastIQ service - click here (registration required).

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