Zinrelo Helps Life Nutrition Achieve a Revenue Uplift of 26.3% Within Six Months

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on October 31, 2022

Palo Alto, Calif. (PRWEB) September 14, 2022 - “A few years back, my life had become extremely hectic and my work-life balance was disrupted.

“I was pushing myself without properly looking after my health.

“It was tough to find the right health products. On social media, a quiz popped up, I casually completed it. It suggested personalized products. After experiencing great results, Life Nutrition became my go-to brand for health products.”

While innovating daily life supplements, Life Nutrition has inspired such stories across the globe.

With the growing customer base, Life Nutrition wanted to tap the potential of loyal customers to elevate the company’s growth and customer relationships. They were looking for a trusted loyalty platform with a rich feature set. After an extensive search, they turned to Zinrelo – a market leader in loyalty management.

After analyzing the past customer purchase data, Zinrelo devised a customized loyalty program for Life Nutrition. With a clear objective of enriching customer relationships, the loyalty program was easy to access with a seamless experience across channels. As a result, Life Nutrition witnessed a 26.3% increase in the repeat purchase revenue which was 1.74 times higher as compared to the previous 6 months.

Here are the key features of Life Nutrition’s loyalty program:

  • Easy to join the program: Customers can join the program with their name and email address only.
  • Earning points was fun: Members get 400 points for joining the program, 400 points for sharing on Facebook & 1,600 for following on Instagram.
  • Collaborative approach: Collaborated with Watson to simplify earning points for customers. Customers can earn points on buying from Watson stores.

The loyalty program resulted in a 58.78% increase in repeat purchases.

“Life Nutrition has been loved by its customers over the years, Zinrelo has helped us transform that love into the growing revenue, now we are aiming to grow bigger with this loyalty program,” said Bryant, CEO of Life Nutrition.

Every brand is unique, and its relationship with customers is also unique. Zinrelo applies a holistic approach to make this relationship memorable while devising the loyalty program. Having deep data analytics, strategy, and technology aligned for the same goals helps the brand better understand customers.

“The numbers reflect the impact Zinrelo’s loyalty program had on the relationship of Life Nutrition with its customers. We focus on achieving true loyalty that goes beyond transactions and brings customers closer from an emotional perspective. This has helped us enable global brands to find sweet spot for customer relationships,” said Samir Palnitkar, VP of Customer Success, Zinrelo.

About Life Nutrition

Life nutrition is a premium health brand focused on providing science backed ingredients in sustainable packaging. They focus on providing personalized vitamin solutions for Men, Women, and Kids. Since 2016, Life Nutrition has consistently won the industry’s most reputed Watsons HWB Supplements Award.

About Zinrelo

Zinrelo is a leader in the loyalty management Industry with more than a decade of enabling brands to foster customer relationships. Zinrelo uses deep data analytics to create a custom, highly optimized loyalty program. Zinrelo offers strategy consultation to customers by identifying the areas that need to be optimized, with best practices to develop targeted loyalty campaigns for personalization.