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7 Possible Outcomes from the Amazon, Whole Foods Deal That You Should Know

The media had a “stop-the-presses” moment this week with the news of Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods. To be sure, this is a momentous announcement in the retail world, and

Where do Customer Engagement and Loyalty intersect?

Customer Engagement is a popular term that some marketers would like to convince you to substitute for Customer Loyalty. Through my experience the two concepts are not substitutes for one

The Wise Marketer Group - Products & Services

The Wise Marketer Group (WMG) delivers timely and unbiased publishing, research, and educational products to a global audience of marketing professionals. In addition to publishing the Wise Marketer, the Wise Marketer Group also delivers the following products and services:

The Loyalty Academy
The Loyalty Academy is the premiere global education and membership organization for loyalty marketing practitioners. The Loyalty Academy offers certification for loyalty marketing professionals via online, in-person, and customized in-house educational workshops and seminars. The Loyalty Academy also offers membership options that provide free access to loyalty marketing publications and tools, discounted tuition fees, and discounted registration to the annual Loyalty Academy conference. More information can be found at

The Loyalty Guide
The Wise Marketer Group also publishes the Loyalty Guide, now in its 7th edition, which offers over 1,400 pages of unrivalled customer loyalty and marketing intelligence for marketing leaders, including research, new ideas, expert advice, market data, detailed case studies and research. For more information and to download sample chapters, please visit

Customer Strategy Network
The Wise Marketer Group is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Customer Strategy Network (CSN). CSN is a membership organization composed of independent loyalty marketing and customer relationship management practitioners. CSN Partners represent multiple geographic markets worldwide including the UK and EU, North America, Latin America, Caribbean, Australia, India, Middle East, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, and New Zealand. For more information, please visit