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Talking Loyalty with Peter Vogel, vLoyalty

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By: Bill Hanfin, Wise Marketer |

Posted on March 23, 2024

Short interview with Wise Marketer CEO Bill Hanifin

vPromos video interview series
Peter Vogel is CRO, vPromos, a company that combines the power of payments,
card-linking loyalty and promotions, and text messaging to help companies easily
enroll, engage, know and reward customers. Bill did an interview recently with Peter
on the topic of Loyalty Program Enrollment, part of The Wise Marketer’s Pardon the
Education series.

In this interview, Peter turns the tables on Bill, asking him about the origins of the
Loyalty Academy and the lessons he's learned from working with dozens of huge
brands over the years.

There is also an excellent interview with Jenn McMillen, a veteran in the loyalty
industry for more than 20 years, helping build loyalty programs for companies like
NASCAR, GameStop, GNC and Dave and Buster's.