#30: (Before Covid 19) Five UK Marketing Trends for 2020

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on April 9, 2020

This episode of "Let's Talk Loyalty" was recorded in early March 2020; some weeks before all of our lives were consumed by the very real threat of the coronavirus. I had written an article about the key UK marketing trends predicted in 2020 for my colleagues at Liquid Barcodes and wanted to share these ideas with my own audience as well.

The UK market is a dominant influence on marketing worldwide and one of my favourite resources to stay up to date on how technology, communications, and UK culture and trends are evolving is published by Mindshare.

Every year, they publish a report on UK trends which is useful and insightful, so this article discusses their conclusions on the top five marketing trends for 2020 — and indeed for the decade to come! From the adoption of innovative technologies such as 5G, and the insatiable demand for quality content, this episode summarises how UK consumers are feeling about emerging trends. These are ideas and insights that loyalty marketers need to consider as we plan and manage our programmes.

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Show Notes:

1) Mindshare UK

2) Mindshare UK Trends Report