#92: The Increasing Importance of Loyalty in a Changing Media Landscape with Epsilon

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on March 25, 2021

While marketers all agree that "data is the new oil", there are few brands that seem to be personalising their brand communications effectively - only 7% of customers said they are satisfied with the level of personalisation they receive from brands!

And the challenge to effectively connect with customers is about to get considerably harder, with the news that cookies as the key tool used by digital marketers to date will be phased out by Google in 2022! 

Loyalty members, and the data they share, is about to become even more important as THE key strategic asset in any organisation. 

Elliott Clayton is Senior Vice President of Media for Epsilon in the UK, and today he shares the challenges presented by "3rd party cookie deprecation" - an explosive industry issue for the future of digital marketing - which has been described as "even bigger than GDPR" and one that loyalty marketers can leverage to ensure increasing support for their programmes.

Elliott explains why it's a great time to work in loyalty marketing, the emergence of loyalty programmes as media owners, as well as other key trends that marketers in advanced markets such as the US are experimenting with to drive connections with customers. 

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