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A Woman of Many Talents: Margaret Meraw

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on December 26, 2022

Editor’s Note:  Over the next few months, we will introduce you to our team at The Wise Marketer and The Loyalty Academy. Reading a profile on LinkedIn provides just a partial view into the people we work with, and we all know that relationships are important to our work together. Knowing the human side of each other creates stronger bonds. Through this series, we hope to share the personal side of our team members and feature the unique talents of each person. We kickoff this series with Margaret Meraw, Executive Director, The Loyalty Academy.

Many followers of The Wise Marketer and Loyalty Academy know Margaret Meraw. Margaret is a principal of The Wise Marketer Group, serves as both the Sr. Faculty Leader and Member of the Board of Regents at The Loyalty Academy, and is the primary facilitator of the global CLMP™ community.

Margaret had many years in banking and finance in Canada. At one point, she became responsible for an enterprise loyalty initiative for a top bank. That project led her to move to the United States where she took a position as COO of a large loyalty provider. She has continued to invest in building her knowledge of the customer loyalty business and it has transformed into a passion for loyalty training. She’s excited to have the opportunity to shape the training to meet the needs of a new generation of business people in the loyalty marketing business.

So, now you know about Margaret as a loyalty marketing expert, but did you also know she is a budding author and has just launched a series of children’s books?

Addie’s Adventures book series was written by Margaret, and illustrated by her husband Scott, published under their pen names of M & S Gordon. Addie’s Adventures is a series of rhyming books intended to entertain and educate young children. There are several books in this series.

Book 1: Addie's Adventures at the North Pole - AVAILABLE NOW at AmazonBarnes and Noble, and global book retailers under ISBN #979-8-9870434-0-0

  • Addie and Lexy travel in a hot air balloon to the North Pole. They have come to help Santa and his elves get ready for Christmas Eve night. This book shows children how special it feels to help other children.

Book 2: Addie’s Adventures at the Playground – AVAILABLE NOW at AmazonBarnes and Noble, and global book retailers under ISBN #979-8-9870434-0-0

  • Addie travels in her hot-air balloon with her cute little dog Lexy. This book in the series is about Addie's visit to the playground to have a day of fun on the slide and swings. This book shows children how to have fun with their special friends.

Book 3: Addie's Adventures at the Farm - AVAILABLE SPRING 2023

  • The third book in the series. Addie and Lexy travel in the hot air balloon to the farm. They have come to help the Farmer during harvest season by gathering eggs and feeding the animals. This book shows children how to have fun helping others and learn more about farm life.

Book 4: Addie's Adventures at School - AVAILABLE SUMMER 2023

  • The fourth book in the series. Addie and Lexy travel in the hot air balloon to school. It is the first day of school and Addie learns what a wonder school can be, and how fun it is to learn new things to see and do. This book shows children how special school and learning can be, especially with the support of friends and family.

Book 5: Addie's Adventures at Halloween - AVAILABLE FALL 2023

  • The fifth book in the series. Addie and Lexy are going out on Halloween night to trick-or treat for the very first time. Addie and her friends learn the spooky things they see are really just for fun and tricks, and not scary at all. This book shows children how fun it can be dressing up in costumes and having fun with friends.

The origins of this series relates to Margaret's role as a grandmother. As she was reading books to her granddaughter, Addison (Addie), she realized now is the time to finish something she had dreamed of doing when her children were young - that is to write children’s books. Margaret shared "I have always believed in the power of reading to help young children learn and have fun. Plus, rhyming books help with memory, understanding and reading."

We hope you’ll support Margaret and Scott in this special endeavor and pass the word on to all those mothers, fathers, and grandparents with small children!

Thanks, and enjoy!