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BI WORLDWIDE India Shares New Perspectives and Trends in B2B Marketing

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on November 16, 2022

Applied behavorial psychology inspires new strategies for workforce management

This interview leveraged a rare opportunity to speak with two senior BI WORLDWIDE executives in one room. Catching them together when they are not on an airplane is a coup in our world and we think you’ll agree when you hear from these two experienced business leaders.

Our interview features Sukesh Jain, Chief Executive Officer of BI WORLDWIDE (India) and Jason Mosakowski, Vice President International. BI WORLDWIDE is a 72 year old company based in Minneapolis, MN, USA. The company is a global leader in B2B marketing and India’s foremost in delivering measurable tech-enabled loyalty & engagement solutions inspired by applied behavioral science.

The company provides solutions and services in Employee Engagement, Sales and Channel Effectiveness, Customer Engagement, and more. Jason succinctly describes BI WORLDWIDE as being in the inspiration business, or as a client behavior change company if you prefer that term.

Our conversation spans insights into developments in the Indian B2B market, the challenges of workforce management today, and highlights new research on channel loyalty. This conversation is a compact but rich discussion that you will enjoy.